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This complaint is legitimate because of the small size of the guitar, which makes playing for a guitarist with large hands a bit challenging. 9 out of 10. Martin LX1 vs LXM Review. When doing research for this review, we had to tryout the Martin LX1 and truth be told, we had a lot of fun with it as it took us back in time to when we were learning how to play. Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar Review. Its body feels so well made, its sound so warm and pure, and it can play all genres. There also some guitarists who complain that they face some difficulties in handling and playing the LX1. While not a huge problem, this lack of visual guides may slow the learning process a little bit. The non-cutaway concert body – with its 23” scale length – is made from solid Sitka spruce on the top, with a High Pressure Laminate mahogany on the back and sides.Falling in line with some of the other more affordable Martin instruments, the Littl… Sound Quality. The Little Martin is a classic looking acoustic guitar with a natural hand rubbed top finish, unfinished back and sides, and a headstock overlaid to match the mahogany body. The […] So we’ll do the Martin LXM vs. LX1 review for you. There are a few things worth mentioning however. To give the LX1 Martin a more authentic and classic look, its body and neck are perfected with a hand-brushed finish. While the Little Martin is the smallest Martin guitar, it is very big on tone, quality and versatility. I thought these guitars would be comparable, but cosmetically different. 8 out of 10. 8.5 out of 10. Pros. The gig bag supplied protects the guitar well. I want to protect the solid top Thanks gags. There isn’t a lot of bad to say about the LX1. The Little Martin is big on tone, quality, and versatility and includes sustainable wood parts. Our Martin LX1E review with cover this specific guitar so you can put it into context with other brands you may be shopping for. In this article, we will discuss the two main reasons why your guitar could sound dull and what you need to check for in order […], When shopping for top acoustic guitar brands, don’t just consider the looks, the price, and the acoustic guitars brand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to For instance, its tuners are of a much better quality than what you’d expect on a similar guitar. HPL is a durable, high quality composite of several layers of very thin wood sealed with phenolic resin, then submitted to up to 2,000 pounds of pressure. $459.00. Anyone fitted one? Peut-être que les Little Martin sont les plus petites de la marque, mais en attendant elles sont grandes de par leur tonalité, qualité et versatilité ! Its fingerboard and bridge are made from East Indian rosewood, which is wood known very well for its superior quality. Good news: the Martin LX1E is suitable for a whole range of players. It’s a solid instrument ready for road testing, able to stand up to the rigors of travel and the bumps and bangs of inexperienced players. Its small body and short scale length make every fret easy to access, giving you a guitar that you can play with confidence. The sound lacked resonance and I couldn’t extract much volume even when really giving it some. And, while I appreciate the sustainable wood aspects of this instrument, I am myself more of a wood purist, and would at least prefer a fretboard of real wood. The body is symmetrical, and when looking at pictures, you'll see that it has no pickguard. I highly recommend these guitars if you can afford them because they use a solid top instead of the High Pressure Laminate. Little Martin LXK2 Guitar Review. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Review Written by John Denner Published on February 8, 2019 in Reviews Lately, it seems like the mini guitar industry has exploded with tons of options to choose from, but this model by Martin has found a special place in the hearts of both amateurs and pros due to its high-quality construction, features and overall playability. 7.5 out of 10. With that said, let’s take a look into how well it plays, what it is made out of, and its main pros and cons. The LX1 isn’t suitable for adult beginners who are looking for full sized starter guitars. The Little Martin’s Stratabond variant is rust birch wood, with an appearance and resonant properties along the same lines as mahogany. In addition to the laminate back and sides, they incorporate FSC Sustainable Wood Certified into the Little Martin with a Richlite bridge. You can travel with it for years, trusting that the quality materials will stand the test of time, weather bumps and bangs, and stay true through changes in humidity. By Tom Martin 3/4 Size Acoustic for Kids ages 7-11 0 Comments. Your email address will not be published. There are different names for the material of the Little Martin neck, but we’ll call it Stratabond. Another synthetic material, corian, composes the nut, but this has no obvious disadvantage. FIND A DEALER. The back and sides get the laminated treatment, while Sitka spruce sits on the top. The Little Martin LX1 is built from some of the best time-tested woods utilized by talented luthiers. The Martin LX1 Little Martin may be small, but it’s big on build quality. The LX1 Martin features a traditional dreadnought style, sounds decent for its price range, and is equipped with steel strings, which is why it is widely loved by many guitarists. As a leading manufacturer of guitars, […], The Yamaha APX600 embodies the affordability and top-quality craftsmanship that is synonymous with Yamaha. First off this is a mini guitar. The sitka spruce soundboard ensures a bright tone through every register, dampened by the mahogany back and sides just enough to bring a cool, even sound up and down the fretboard. Its body is made out of a combination of solid Sitka spruce and high-pressure mahogany laminate. However, with the small size comes a minor disadvantage. The body is constructed out of a combination of solid Sitka spruce with high-pressure mahogany laminate. The LX1 Martin’s steel strings are designed to stay in tune without constant need of retuning when playing. Its combination of black neck and pale wood body is very distinct and equally pleasing to look at. Essentially, that’s just a matter of preference, as there really isn’t much of a noticeable difference in tone or playability with the Richlite. As a guitar material, many compare it to ebony in both appearance and tone. They are durable for new musicians who want a guitar to take to lessons. It’s a great guitar for beginners, and for a child who may or may not commit to the hobby, you can’t do better. For more info check our Affiliate Disclosure page. By taking one look at this guitar, you’ll clearly notice the high-quality of workmanship that was put into making it. The Martin LX1 Martin is an acoustic guitar that certainly lives up to its name. The LX1 model features a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany high-pressure laminate HPL back and sides. Specifications of the Martin LXK2 Little Martin Performing Artist Guitar. If you’re a heavy handed player, you’ll appreciate the responsiveness of the low and middle ends. gags. The Little Martin LX1 Acoustic Guitar may be Martin’s smallest product, but it’s “very big on tone, quality, and versatility,” as stated on the official Martin website. Also, in terms of playability, this guitar does not disappoint. Vibrations are carried through […], Looking for a new and quality guitar but don’t know how to get started? In our Martin LX1E review, we'll take you through the specifications of this remarkable little guitar. Namely, the overall shape and the size of the guitar are small, but, on the other hand, this guitar is quite big when it comes to tone and sound quality. Other than that, it produces rich deep tones that are louder than those of average mini acoustic guitars. The longer you play it, the better it will sound. Registered Member. The Sitka spruce is used on the top side, while the back and sides of this guitar get the laminated treatment, which is a pretty common combo for Martin guitar bodies. If you're left-handed, you can merely re-string the instrument with the strings in reverse order. Achetez votre Martin Guitars LX1 Little Martin sur, Guitare et Basse à un prix à couper le souffle ! Considering the benefits of forest conservation, I now play a Richlite fretboard with the same pleasure as ebony or rosewood. So Martin LX1, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $200 Yamaha FS800, as seen on the chart below. The sound is great for a guitar of this size, as is the playability. When I say only one, I mean only one series of guitars, the Little Martin guitars by Martin guitar manufacturers. Martin LX1 review summary. The Martin LX1E Little Martin from Martin Guitars is the smallest guitar that the company offers, but it has surprisingly good tone given both its small size and its affordable price point. It’s great for beginner guitarists in that there is a clear distinction between notes; no muddiness and no fret buzz, but also not much harmonic complexity. Price. Its combination of black neck and pale wood body is very distinct and equally pleasing to look at. If you’re a player who likes the sound of a crisper acoustic, the Little Martin LX1 would be the way to go. Though it’s small in size, the LX1 Little Martin almost looks exactly how you would imagine a classic acoustic guitar to look like. For children or players with small statures, sure, there are guitars even more mini than the Little Martin, but none that sound as good. There are four different categories: LXM, LXK2, LX1, and the Ed Sheeran special. Check Pricing on: A step up from the LXM and LXK2 models is the wonderful-sounding LX1 models. This guitar’s compact size makes it the ideal instrument for beginner and even experienced guitarists who cradling the larger guitars is a bit of a challenge to them. Now, this is where Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar comes in quite convenient. Browsing any catalog of beginner acoustics, you’ll find the majority are made with laminate tops in a bid to save on production costs, as they are far easier to source and craft than solid wood. Martin LX1 vs LXM Review. With patience and practice, it’s a guitar that you can use to really hone in on your particular playing style. So Martin LX1, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $329 Martin LX Little Martin, as seen on the chart below. Post Jul 25, 2011 #2 2011-07-25T21:49. gags, I am away on vacation so cannot post a pic right now. 3,180 218. I have a Martin LXK2, and I thought this LX1 would be a nice addition to my travel guitars. Affordable; Pleasing sound; Lightweight; Hawaiian feel; Durable; Includes a gig bag; Comfortable; Not susceptible to environmental changes; D-X2E will improve over time; Cons. You’ll be amazed when you lay your hands on this small and compact guitar. This small guitar has twenty frets spaced over a 23” scale length, and the neck joins the body at the 14th fret with a strong and reliable mortise and tenon joint. It’s the biggest problem with this guitar for me, bringing back memories of the toys we had to perform with in my high school music classes. Therefore, if you are in the market for a guitar that is excellent, all-rounded, and perfect for beginners and veterans, choose the Martin LX1 Little Martin. It […], Playing the guitar is not only fulfilling, but it is one of the ways you can use to relax your mind. This might make for a boring tone depending on your ear, but all in all it’s hard to find much to complain about in the Little Martin’s sound. Players with a more significant stature shouldn't worry though, as they can quickly adjust. The other model that is comparable to the LX1 is Taylor Guitar Baby Taylor model. The fretboard is Richlite, which for some may be a deal breaker. If you’ve bought a Martin blues guitar before, then you’ll know this is a pretty standard combo for the body. Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. It’s a small-scale Martin guitar (the smallest the iconic brand produce), showing off classic Martin style with typical Martin quality. Whether picked or fingered, these lower registers sing clear and warm without overpowering the high end. desaljs. If so please could you post some pics. I hesitated to pick up the LX1 for this same reason, but after getting over my initial distaste to the unusual material, I think it’s a great fingerboard. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. It is used in a wide range of applications, from countertops to ship walls to Martin guitars. gags. The back and sides are made of high-pressure laminate (HPL) mahogany. The Martin LXK2 Little Martin Guitar simply is one of the best acoustic guitars that money can buy. Playability. If you are one of them, there are other options that will best suit you and make learning fun and easier. Think about their body shapes as […], We have the battle of the small acoustics – Baby Taylor Vs Little Martin Acoustic Guitars. The LX series, which is a line of ¾ acoustic guitars consists of seven models, but the best one among them is the LX1. Martin has been a leading name in acoustic guitars for a long time, and they don’t hold that reputation by using cheap or shoddy materials. You could play an open mic with it, but I wouldn’t take it on stage for a professional show. In the LX1, these composite materials are chosen to deliver a durable high-quality instrument that keeps costs and environmental harm as low as possible. This guitar is quite beautiful and it is designed in the traditional style which really boosts its appearance. 264. Don’t be turned away by the lack of pure woods in the LX1, as you’ll find once you play it that Martin has developed the perfect formula for a reliable and affordable entry-level guitar using many laminates and synthetics. Martin LX1 Little Martin Review. The only thing I would change is the material of the back and sides. High-pressure laminate on a guitar’s body helps to improve its durability. While the Little Martin is our smallest guitar, it is very big on tone, quality and versatility. It’s a good guitar for styles and genres heavy with full open chords like country or folk, but may be too bright for music thick with power chords or for learning complex solos. Yet, choosing the best […], Before you buy any product, you need to conduct due diligence to ensure you get the best item in the market. List price. Aesthetics. The LX1 is great for traveling with, or just playing around the house or fire pit. Martins are great guitars. The same case applies […], The Jasmine S35 Dreadnought is a great-looking acoustic guitar. New to the series, the LX1RE features a solid Sitka spruce top for warmth and projection, paired with stylish rosewood pattern HPL. 3,180 218. There are no variations to this theme, but when choosing a beginner acoustic, sound and playability should be the focus. It doesn’t boast past its capabilities, and performs as it should, and even better than one could expect from a guitar of this size and price. Pickguard for a LX1 . So if you are someone who’s used to playing full-sized guitars, you’ll face some challenges handling the LX1 and any ¾ guitar at fast. Ecological conservation aside, the benefits are many while the detriments are few. But that’s exactly why the Martin LX1 is a pleasant surprise. While most travel guitars tend to have thinner, bright sounding tones, the Martin LX1 has a surprisingly deep and rich sound, which really puts the LX1 in a league of its own compared to other travel guitars out there on the market. At less than ¾ the size of a standard dreadnought, the Little Martin is a great guitar for children, travelers, or anyone who wants the full acoustic experience without the full heft. desaljs. Your email address will not be published. To put that in perspective, he was born when George Washington was … Little Martin LX1 Review. The Martin LX1 is a gorgeous 3/4 size acoustic guitar that would be a great starter instrument for young kids who are between ages 7 to 10 and who are taking lessons. Review of: Martin DX1E & DX2E. Things to Consider Before Buying a Smaller Guitar Experienced guitarists who are wood purists may start to be turned off by the LX1 at this point, but you’ll have to play the LX1 to understand how laminates can be used to form high performing instruments. A hugely tidy build, the LX1E is again unbound and the top's chamfered edge creates a rather thick-looking impression that looks a little unfinished against the Taylor Mini-E. Conversely, the multi-piece neck feels more finished and less open-pored and the fret work and rounded fingerboard edges give a … Richlite is similar to HPL mahogany– essentially layers of paper sealed with phenolic resin and high pressure.

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