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With the average Briton spending 3,507 days at work over their lifetime, Workwear Giant has uncovered just how the UK’s occupations compare – analysing earnings, unpaid overtime and stress. In creating the list of 11 least stressful medical specialties and careers that pay well we used data from the latest Medscape survey Lifestyle Report: Bias and Burnout, which includes 24 specialties. Taking care of other people’s animals while they are away is a great way to make a profit while minimizing human interaction. Of the 10 least-stressful jobs in the new Jobs Rated report, half require at least a bachelor’s degree. Between the pandemic and protests, 2020 has been stressful enough already. In their report, ‘25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2020’, they rank the country’s top jobs based on pay (median annual base salary), number of job openings and job satisfaction scores. The following are the 10 least stressful jobs of 2018, based on CareerCast.com Jobs Rated criteria. 7. A recent report by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on work-related stress, depression and anxiety listed the most stressful jobs in the UK, with nursing and midwifery, teaching and welfare making up the top three. Speech therapist 10. Medical records technician 1. The list, by US recruitment site CareerCast, also ranked firefighter, airline pilot and police officer among the most stressful roles. 1. They take pleasure in creating the concepts, layouts, and designs for magazines, websites, product packaging, film productions, and other visual media. In true British style, there are few studies examining the least stressful jobs in the UK. Long-only fund manager. Redmedial gymnast 9. The 10 least stressful jobs of 2018 are: 10. During periods of recession and increased workload, employees are assured the situation is temporary. Those people are usually highly creative and passionate about visual design. Here is a list of factors that are responsible for the rising demand for low-stress high-paying jobs and why they are sought after when compared to other stressful options. Projected growth: 5.00%. Stress score: 10.31 Median annual salary: $50,550 Projected hiring growth by 2024: 16% Sign up and we'll email you a daily dose of lifestyle stories, … Share. Audiologists and tenured university professors require postsecondary education and increasingly, Abel says, more states require audiologists to earn doctorates. You don’t need a job that will add to your anxiety as well. Tenured positions are rare in the UK, but give a near-guarantee that the holder can't be fired. Nurse educator 5. "Passive management has got to be the least stressful job in finance," says a senior fund manager at one (active UK) fund. If you're looking for one of the least stressful healthcare jobs, Audiologist is definitely the way to go. 13 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well. The poll was unscientific, but offers insight into what stresses out the American workforce. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email. But there are options that may involve less of the high-pressure situations that some nurses encounter. While that certainly sounds preferable to the minimum wage (£6.31 for those aged 21 and over), there are jobs out there that pay £40 or more per hour.We reveal five roles that pay top whack, what you'll need to become one, plus some of the currently advertised jobs on offer.1. 1. Find out how each of the 454 jobs we compared rate their sense of job meaning, salary, job stress and job satisfaction. To help you find a … Diagnostic medical sonographers come in at #1 with a stress score of only 5.11! After all, chronic job stress is real. It's one of the least stressful jobs, but your presence in the office would probably have a few business owners sweating! It goes without saying — an educational qualification is almost a necessity to get a … If you're for a low-stress option to work as a fundamental member of a healthcare team, this may be the career path for you! Keep reading to learn about some of the least stressful nursing roles that might appeal to you. While many of these low-stress, high-paying jobs require advanced education (optometrist, political scientist, and statistician, for example), there are a number of others you can break into with a bachelor’s degree and some hustle (software developer, technical writer, and environmental restoration planner). The most stressful position reached a score of 72.5 while the least stressful job was rated at a 5.07. Teaching and nursing are among the most stressful jobs in the UK, a new study has revealed. Travel is the real key. Nurse Educators are one of the least stressful nursing jobs … Medical Lab Technician. Nursery Nurse 5. The 44 Least Stressful Jobs of 2017 (Plus the Highest Paying) By Mellowed 25 March, 2017. Biologist 4. Okay, enough of the chit chat, let’s take a look at the lists. Least-stressful jobs. Among the best oxymorons out there, "low-stress jobs" ranks toward the top. Linguist 8. Diagnostic medical sonographer 2. Chemist So there we have it. Qualification. Posted: (21 days ago) Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs Last week, we started talking about work related stress and its direct impact on your health and life longevity. Jobs Rated Stress Score: 8.43 Pay: Average salary between £45,000 and £76,000. Nurse Educator . A report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on Work-related Stress, Depression or Anxiety Statistics in Great Britain 2017 has revealed the level of workplace stress is worse for women. Information on average salary and employment outlook is furnished through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The study, conducted in September 2013, analysed over 2,000 job titles to highlight the best, worst, most stressful and most promising jobs in the UK. Early 1900s philosopher Bertrand Russell, left, had one of the least stressful jobs around whereas Chelsey Sullenberger, right, who landed a US Airways Airbus 320 … 6 Of The Least Stressful Jobs Around (PICTURES) ... HuffPost UK Life Newsletter. According to CareerCast's study, a diagnostic medical sonographer is the least stressful job. The following 10 jobs were all referenced in the CareerCast Jobs Rated Report and rated as featuring low or very low levels of stress for employees. Full List of Jobs. In theory, fund management isn’t that much of a stressful career. It's not just ETFs, most kinds of passive index tracking fund management jobs are seen as easy by outsiders. Librarian 2. But how stressful is your job compared to the rest of the UK? The average full-time employee in the UK earns £517* a week – or £13 an hour for those working 40 hours a week. Some people may find art directing stressful, but others consider it to be one of the least stressful jobs in America. Here are the 10 least stressful jobs, according to CareerCast: 10. If there is a museum which contains a library in it, then you are sorted! Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs - Soft Skills. These low stress RN jobs will ensure that you still have a way to impact patients in a positive manner, and reduce the amount of burnout that many nurses face from the high stress environment of other nursing specialties. 9 Lower-stress nursing jobs. Astronomer 6. Beauty Therapist 7. The top ten least stressful jobs share common attributes. Average salary: $67,870. One junior consultant who’s worked in banking told us consulting jobs are better: the hours are shorter and the work is more varied and creative. 25 Low Stress Jobs For People With Anxiety 1. From clergymen to CEOs, the Telegraph and Channel 5 take a closer look at the most stressful jobs in the UK. Unfortunately, there's a myth that you can't have both. And from the same researchers here is the Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs in the UK: 1. While Jeweler is a low-stress profession, it has a negative growth outlook of -3%. Medical laboratory technician . Animal Caretaker. So to get the facts, we’ve turned to recruitment business Glassdoor. Each job title was scored based on 25 different criteria including earning potential, working conditions, competitiveness, unemployment rates and job security. In each position, the employee perceives greater internal control in performing assignments, and the job market is relatively secure. Workwear Giant’s investigation has revealed the most and least stressful jobs. Museum personnel 3. Let’s start with the good: here are the top five least stressful jobs of 2017: 1. The median income is $71,410 and … Landing a less-stressful job often requires a higher level of education. If you work, or have gone to school, or have done anything that you remotely care about, you probably experience stress. Ask most people what they want out of a job and they'll most likely say low stress and high pay. On the other hand, Operations Research Analyst, which comes in as the 9th least stressful job, has a 27% growth outlook. And you'd probably like to experience less of it. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. "Taking information from one source and plugging it into a machine according to rules cannot be high stress." As you’re well aware of now, there’s no such thing as stress-free or easy nursing jobs.

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