how long do hedgehogs live

How long they live, factors that can influence this, and more. If their breeding is in captivity compared to when left out to survive in the wild. How long do hedgehog pet live? Hedgehogs have a relatively long lifespan for their size. Larger species of hedgehogs live 4–7 years in the wild (some have been recorded up to 16 years), and smaller species live 2–4 years (4–7 in captivity ), compared to a mouse at 2 years and a large rat at 3–5 years. Hedgehogs have a relatively long life span for their size. It slowly degrades the animal's muscle control perhaps similar to that of MS in humans. In fact, smaller hedgehog species will live a nearly double of the normal lifespan. A hedgehog’s lifespan is around 3-5 years on average when kept as pets. The smaller ones usually have a lifespan of around 2-4 years. Some hedgehogs live a little longer and some hedgies live a little less, but 3-6 years is a pretty good average. A wild hedgehog lifespan can last up to 4 – 7 years for the larger ones, some with the abundance of food and good climates, they are able to live up to a good 16 years. Although this is dependent on the species type with size also playing a vital role. Heating your hedgehog’s cage should obviously be your main focus. Larger species of hedgehogs live 4 – 7 years in the wild (some have been recorded up to 16 years), and smaller species live 2 – 4 years (4 – 7 in captivity), compared to a mouse at 2 years and a large rat at 3 – 5 years. Whereas for the smaller species, they are able to like anywhere from 2 – 5 years in average which is comparable to the lifespan of a mouse. Some hedgehogs do live longer but generally at around the age of 3, cancers are common, affecting the mouth, digestive tract including the stomach. There are some 14 species of hedgehogs currently worldwide, with only the South African Hedgehog (atelerix frontalis) listed as endangered. Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) is a progressive degenerative neurological disease of African and European hedgehogs sometimes referred to as progressive paresis/paralysis. That may not sound very long, but 3-6 hedgehog years is actually more like 46-91 in human years. Some variables that affect the longevity of a pet hedgehog’s life are stress level, diet, disease/illness, genetics, quality of life, exercise, and veterinary care. The average hedgehog lifespan is between 3-7 years for pets. Our longevity has a lot to do with our diet, environment, and health habits. It has been noted with increasing frequency since the mid 1990's. Most pet hedgehogs will live between 4 to 6 years of age, but they can live as long as 10 years. We think you should aim for a mix of both. There are more than 10 different species of hedgehog out there, and how long do hedgehogs live is dependent on that species. While the larger species may live as long as 7 years. How long do hedgehogs live? How long do hedgehogs live for? In the wild, hedgehogs live to be around 2-3 years old. There have been cases where pet hedgehogs have reached the 8-10 year range, but that’s rather uncommon. Since hedgehogs need a warmer environment than you typically have in your house, most owners focus on keeping their cage area warm instead of the room. On average, hedgehogs bred in captivity can live as long as 10 years.

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